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Seamed stockings

Image of seamed stockings at Mio Destino


These What Katie Did black and red contrast seamed vintage stockings are 15 denier.

These retro style What Katie Did black and red contrast fully fashioned vintage seamed stockings are daringly raunchy from toe to thigh. The see through 100% non-stretch nylon of these sexy stockings is woven on modern machines and is finished with a back leg seam and shaped point heel so the seam will hold at the centre back leg position. The stockings have raunchy red heels, seams and welts give these What Katie Did stockings a fashionable and fresh look, perfect to heat up any outfit or adult lingerie ensemble.

Why don't you wear these What Katie Did black and red contrast vintage seamed stockings with the new lalique laurie velvet ruby red corset which is also available in black.

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