Scientists Prove Men are the Weaker Sex

A group of researchers from Belgium found that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to lose their concentration when shown images of attractive women in sexy lingerie. Come on, it hardly takes a PhD to work that one out!

A study showed that high testosterone males who were shown the underwear clad ladies would settle for an unfair amount of money when offered proposed cuts from another player, compared with the others (only shown images of elderly women or landscapes) who continued to strive for their envisioned amount. How grossly unfair, what man wouldn't succumb under this sort of intense scrutiny!

So it's a fact that once we are plied with sultry feminine charms, men involuntarily become a mass of quivering jelly. It's bizarre that it comes down to a study to prove this actually happens. The study also proved, just handling women's undergarments is more than likely to have the same effect on these men as viewing a lingerie laden beauty.

So take care next time you are asked to go underwear shopping by your partner, you may not notice how much you spend on those lacy little items what with all those pictures of beautiful models and imagining her in those silk panties - after all it is scientifically proven now!

I reckon this goes to prove what I have always believed, guys are the weaker sex afterall!

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