Mio Destino Launches New Mastectomy Collection Di Murini

Di Murini Mastectomy Lingerie
Di Murini, the new luxury mastectomy lingerie brand, is forcibly breaking down barriers once again by releasing new fashion photography which portrays models, who have had a mastectomy, in a sexy, attractive and provocative light.

This radical new approach to mastectomy lingerie has been overwhelmingly received by the market, health care professionals and the press. Di Murini products offer a complete departure from existing mastectomy products on the market which many women who have mastectomies complained to be dull, frumpy and depressing. One woman likened existing mastectomy bras similar to “structures made by the engineers at NASA”.

Creating Life Changing Mastectomy Lingerie

With the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer increasing and the age of women getting younger (Cancer Research UK), a clear gap in the market existed for sexy, luxurious and feminine lingerie. Di Murini is not only aesthetically strong using top quality European satins and laces, but is also functionally advanced with an Aloe Vera fabric lining the bras and pocket structures which restricts prothesis movement, an innovation which is currently patent pending. Di Murini creates mastectomy products which help recapture the comfort, confidence and sexiness that is often lost after breast surgeries.

The Guardian recently described Di Murini’s bra as “luxurious and clever”.

Di Murini’s philosophy behind the photoshoot was to boost women’s confidence by capturing Di Murini’s model, Louise, in sophisticated, empowering and daring photography. Statements such as ‘I never thought I could feel this carefree again’ and ‘I never thought I could wear something this daring again’ were the inspiration. Di Murini is committed to only using models who are “real women”, who have undergone a mastectomy, in their product photography. A direct response from the pleas of women in this market.

Meet Di Murini's inspirational model, Louise

Louise herself was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and underwent a mastectomy two weeks after a consultation with the doctor. Louise described having an overwhelming feeling of never being able to do things in life that you did before breast cancer surgery and wants to share with other women the realisation that life continues and for her, even was ironically liberating. Louise said she would have never previously considered appearing in a lingerie shoot. For more information on Louise’s story, see here.

The photographs demonstrating the innovative Rowena collection will be released on to www.dimurini.com, individually, over the next few months. Not only were they created so women could relate to the sentiment behind each photo but also to illustrate how well fitting, luxurious and physically advanced the collection is.

The SS09 collection has been included within this press release of which samples and high resolution images can currently be requested. If any long lead press require high resolution fashion or cut out shots and samples of the AW09 collection then please contact Verity Brown *08458400025*

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