MEN: 5 Common Pitfalls When Buying Lingerie for your Lady!

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Mio Destino do everything we can to help you chaps choose the best, most luxurious lingerie for the lady in your life. We hand pick the best of the collections each season, we'll talk you through your purchase on Live Chat AND we have our very own hand written Mio Destino guides. Here are the 5 most common mistakes man make when buying lingerie for the woman in their life. You can visit the full version of this guide at Mio Destino.

1. Deciding a good time to go shopping is after a few pints with the lads.
2. Asking the sales lady to try it on.
3. Forgetting who you are buying for – not a porn star or America’s Next Supermodel.
4. Forgetting all about her personal style and taste.
5. Guessing her size

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