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If a woman falls pregnant then the body begins to undergo certain changes as she waits for the happy arrival. One of those changes is in the boobs which can become more sensitive, change shape and enlarge. Then you will need to turn your attention to maternity bras and eventually nursing bras such as those made by HOTmilk. The nursing bra is a type of bra that gives extra support for breasts that are full of milk. A nursing bra also allows a woman to breastfeed without taking her bra off. A nursing bra has special bra cups that fold down to expose the nipple whilst at the same time the cup supports the womans breast. Nursing bras can be found in both underwire and soft cup styles.

Nursing bras began to be developed in the late 1920s as a specific form of maternity bra for a nursing mother with special innovations such as adjustable straps.
During pregnancy women's breasts can change by up to three cup sizes within an hour during the nursing process.

Several days following giving birth, the mother’s milk begins to flow and then changes in the breast happen quite quickly. The breasts sometimes feel lumpy, heavy and can ache and they can swell to one or more cup sizes from her third trimester. The breasts could be different in size from each other depending on which boob the baby tends to feed from. These size differences tend to settle down after ten to twelve weeks of nursing your baby. The rib band size should also go down, at this time, to the size it had been before pregnancy.

These size fluctuations mean that it is important to buy a bra that allows for these changes. HOTmilk is a superb maternity bra and maternity lingerie brand from the southern hemisphere which is intensely sexy and very popular.

The featured maternity bra is HOTmilk Cherry Bomb Chic Red Maternity Bra which is part of the set which includes the HOTmilk Cherry Bomb Chic Red Bikini Briefs.

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