Lingerie for Valentines Day: Do's and Dont's

Lise Charmel Charm eros luxury demi bra

The Wall Street Journal has been delivering some hard hitting journalism in the form of an article dealing with the yearly dilemma of, 'Which lingerie do I buy as a Valentines gift!?'. They suggest 'picking a style the wearer would like but pushing the envelope in other areas, such as the color or pattern' but rightly point out that 'One of the worst things one can do is get something frumpy—it's going to make the receiver think, 'OK, are you getting this as a gift for me or your grandmother?''. So there you have it fellas, keep her style in mind and think fun and sexy. Check out Mio Destino's easy to navigate selection of this seasons most luxurious lingerie pieces, simply type a colour or product into the search box, browse by size or browse through her favourite brand, a voila!

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