Lingerie Review - Fleur Of England Ruby and Fuchsia Balcony Bra


Unique features
The padded balcony bra uses a mix of the fuchsia silk, and French eyelash ruby lace to give the lingerie a luxurious feel. Wide silk straps complete this sensational garment.

The lace brief is also styled in the same way using the French eyelash lace for the main part of the brief, with the ruby silk finishing off the elegant and beautiful brief.


Personal opinion
This beautiful balconette bra has an amazing fit, the use of padding and silk gives extra comfort. The colours are beautiful and helps brighten up the gloomy winter months. Your sure to feel sexy wearing this under those baggy winter jumpers.
The lace brief is seductive yet, elegant. The briefs can be matched up to either of the crush bras.

Sexiness 4/5
Glamour 5/5
Style 4/5
Fit 5/5
Comfort 4/5

Overall 4/5

Fleur Of England 'Crush' Ruby and Fuchsia Padded Balcony Bra
Fleur Of England 'Crush' Ruby and Fuchsia Lace Brief

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