Lingerie Fact of the Week: Bra Designers Developed Astronaut Space Suit

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In 1962 NASA were struggling to find an astronaut spacesuit design that was robust yet flexible so they called in four private companies to help them come up with a new concept. It was International Latex Corporation, also known as lingerie manufacturer Playtex, who came up with the winning design which has become the benchmark for every spacesuit since. It seams that years for figuring out how to make women feel support yet free to move in their bras was key to the success of there latex jointed suits. ILC seamstresses who were accustomed to sewing bras and girdles, were called in to manufacture the new and improved spacesuits. Nicholas de de Monchaux, author of Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, explains;

'They had to sew to a 1/64th of an inch tolerance without using any pins. So there was no question that it was kind of a couture handicraft object versus something made according to more conventional military industrial principles.'

So all hail the lingerie industry for it's ingenuity, skill and years of physics-defying-wisdom that has kept our assets in place and taught NASA a thing or two about defying gravity!

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