English Lingerie brands

Miss La La Presents


English lingerie brands are immensely popular in Europe and in North America. European lingerie brands such as Ritratti, Aubade, I.D. Sarrieri and Simone Perele have dominated a great deal of the Worlds designer lingerie trade for a century in some cases with French lingerie and Italian lingerie brands being the most sought after.

Janet Reger was the brand that spearheaded the English lingerie movement. Now there are many English lingerie brands that rank alongside Janet Reger including the inspirational Yes Master, Miss La La Presents, the classic Fleur of England and the immensely popular Mimi Holliday brand from Damaris.

Made in England still retains and air of class and no where is it more obvious than in the corset brands such as Eternal Spirits, Velda Lauder, What Katie Did with it's cult following and Vollers corset which can trace its history back to the 1800s.

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