Chemise - Lingerie haut de gamme

Aubade chemise


The French word chemise (la chemise) is a blouse type of top or can more commonly be a type of womens lingerie. Chemise originally meant a basic garment worn close to the skin to protect clothing from sweat and this eventually became the shirt.

The lingerie term chemise comes from the French language (in French it is seen as Lingerie haut de gamme) and in modern times the word chemise tends to refer to lingerie garments that are delicate and often provocative. The chemise is often a loose fitting, shirt-like, sleeveless underwear piece of lingerie though it can resemble a very short dress.

The chemise can resemble the babydoll though the babydoll tends to be a bit more loose fitting about the hips. Both terms describe short, loose-fitting, sleeveless fashions. A chemise set will often incorporate a tanga, brief or boy short with the chemise.

Thes chemise featured in the picture is the Aubade Incroyable Caprice Black Chemise.

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