Aubade bustier


The bustier, or more properly bustiere, is a womans garment which is close fitting and is normally worn as a piece of lingerie. The bustier resembles the basque though a bustier is shorter. The bustier ends at the waist or at the ribs and its main function is to push the boobs up by holding against the upper midriff. It pushes the breasts up and gives a gentle shaping effect to the waist. Bustiers don't often use boning and are made with mesh panels instead, giving a sheer bustier. The bustier is a superb piece of designer lingerie and it can be worn as either a camisole for outer wear or a push-up bra for inner wear.

Bustier tops are often used by women with jeans and the vintage bustier is now becoming very popular.

Womens bustiers are very sexy and give a great shape to a woman while still allowing her substantial freedom of movement.

The bustier featured is the Aubade Precieux Talisman Nacre Bustier.

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