Burlesque is Back

But will you join in with the corset craze?
Corsets, along with the Burlesque trend, are back in fashion, except this time it seems that the thing to do is to wear your corset over your clothes rather than under. Or perhaps if you plan on copying the celebrities that are setting the trend, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese and Lady Gaga - you wear your corset on it own, with very little else! The obvious benefit of wearing a corset is that it transforms your body, making your waist tiny, and giving you an hourglass figure. This of course does wonders to your posture as well as your confidence, and oozes vintage glamour. You can team your corset with some leggings or jeans for a night out, or you can simply save your corset for your boudoir where you can show off some Burlesque moves. If your really daring though, like Emma Watson was at Glastonbury festival this year- team yours with some denim cut offs and wear during the day...just make sure to stay away from the mud!
Here are Mio Destino corsets pick of the best corsets guaranteed to give you confidence -

The black burlesque corset- Dita Von Teese style
Eternal Spirits Black Burlesque Corset

This corset is simple, classic, and black meaning that you can’t really go wrong. It’s the little black dress equivalent in the world of corsets ... the LBC. We wonder if that will catch on? It can be worn super sexy with some matching black lace knickers or perhaps with some skinny jeans to be worn out.

The corset that will make others green with jealousy- Katy Perry style
Velda Lauder Green Absinthe Jewelled Corset

The striking absinthe green is highlighted with perfectly placed jewels on the front of the corset. This is certainly an eye-catching corset! We at Mio Destino think it has a touch of the Little Mermaid about it... might have something to do with the red haired model though we are thinking!

The tartan weave waspie- Gwen Stefani i style

Vollers Tartan Weave Waspie V4000u

This underbust style is good for first time wearers and with tartan making a comeback for autumn/winter this waspie will be perfect for layering up...or as an under garment for when your peeling off those layers! This is definitely a unique one.

The crystal curved corset- Christina Aguilera style
Velda Lauder Black Satin 'Swarovski' Crystal Curved Corset

This is very Christina Aguilera goes showgirl, (she does that a lot doesn’t she?) This black satin curved corset is definitely a show-stopper, encrusted with thousands of “Swarovski” crystals.
Burlesque is back baby!
Mio Destino x

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