Brooke Sheilds in bikini

Skimpy bikini


A photo of Brooke Shields in a skimpy bikini, posing next to a motorbike, has been put on display at the Tate art gallery. The image shows the model and actress in a skimpy, bronze, string bikini. She looks elegant in the bikini with carefully styled hair, jewellery, and heels accentuating her, already long, legs. The photograph was taken in 2005 when the model was 40 years old.

The image replaced a nude photo of Shields aged just 10 which featured in an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London. The image showed a young Shields from her knees up, naked and wearing make-up. It was removed after police worried that it may cause offence or even break the law.

Both pictures were created by the artist Richard Prince, an American painter and photographer. The original photo of 10 year-old Brooke Shields was taken by 71 year-old photographer, Garry Gross, who strongly defended the motives and effects of the image. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Mr Gross said: "The photo has been infamous from the day I took it and I intended it to be."
The exhibition included various sexual images, including women in lingerie and works created from pages of pornographic magazines.

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