British Men Take 1st Prize in Europe for Successful Luxury Lingerie Buying!

A recent survey From Fox & Rose has revealed a new bread of confident, fashion savvy man who successfully buys designer lingerie for the woman in his life!

Findings show that 30% of British men are confident in buying trend inspire prints compared with just 5% in France, Germany and Italy. A generous 69% of you spend more than £150 a year on luxury lingerie with 10% of our British Prince Charmings spending over £250 a year! And what made us the most proud is that 90% of you even know your partners bra size.

It's official Ladies and Gents, British Men have given those Italian lotharios and French Lovers a run for their money. So well done Gentlemen and may this generous, romantic spirit long continue with the help of Mio Destino's unparalleled collection of the finest luxury lingerie brands.

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