Boy shorts

Mimi Holliday boy short


Boy shorts - what are they? Boy shorts go by many names including boyleg briefs, booty shorts, boy short panties, shorties, boys' cut and oddly enough tap panties are a style of panties that slide down the hips and cover the top of the leg.

Boy shorts are a modern invention and are a supremely popular type of designer lingerie, in particular among younger women and are named for their similarity to guys boxer shorts.

Boy shorts normally cover the majority of the bum, but this is not always the case as there are some thong-back styles available.

Boy shorts are a more comfortable alternative to thongs and tend to be more modest as most styles do not display an easily disernable panty line. Boy shorts are often worn with a cami and worn as loungewear. Boy shorts are very popular in silk with lace or in cotton.

Boy short styles are sometimes used as swimwuit bottoms particularly with retro swimwear.

The Mimi Holliday Pomme Green Boy Short is featured above.

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