Balconette bra aka balcony bra

Balconette balcony bra


The balconette bra or balcony bra as it is also known is a design of women’s bra which lifts the breasts and gives a fuller shape. Balconette bras were designed in the United States in 1938 though it wasn't until the 1950s that they became popular as a fashion bra. Some balconette bras have a push-up pad inserted for extra lift and size enhancement.

The straps of the balconette bra are set wide to give a square neckline and horizontal effect across the bust which is perfect for an evening dress or prom dress. The support and lift comes from underwired seamed cups which is used by many balcony bras. The seamed cup gives a corseted look to the breasts.

Balconette bras have the half cup bra or demi cup bra style and are particulary suited to low cut dress styles like the cocktail dress. The balconette bra is used by women to give firm support and to offer a pleasing cleavage in an elegant form.

Balcony bras are loved for their flexibility with the bra covering less of the boob meaning it is suitable for many types of women’s outer clothes and having great support they give a beautifully feminine shape and are perfect for everyday wear.

The balcony bra tend to offer more support than a normal bra would give on the bottom and outer portions of the bra cups allowing the breasts to rise upwards more centrally giving a pleasing cleavage.
It is said that the term balconette bra comes from guys in the theatre balcony looking down on women and because of the cut the balconette bra was not visible.

If you have not tried a balconette bra before then you should add it to your designer lingerie wardrobe particularly if you want to enhance your assets and wear lower cut garments.

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