Aubade Fleurs de Pommier Half Cup Bra


Aubade the classic French lingerie brand has excelled itself once more with the Aubade Fleurs de Pommier Saint-Tropez Brief and the half cup bra.

The elegant and truly feminine briefs use opulent embroidery against a backdrop of semi sheer tulle cut in a sexy and flattering style. The deep red and cerise floral design, inspired by floral designs, hugs the leg creating a soft, sensual edging. This figure hugging shorty is complemented on each side by a feminine butterfly frill giving a superb finish.

The Aubade Fleurs de Pommier Half Cup Bra cups the breasts in a delicate embrace and has a sophistication and elegance that many bras lack. The Aubade Pommier uses rich embroidery again set above a background of semi sheer tulle cut in a luxurious half cup style. The striking red and cerise design, inspired by flora and then the edge of the half cup creating a soft, dainty edging.

The Aubade fleurs colour scheme continues beneath the arms and towards the back of the half cup bra with a gentle confetti print. This classic bra has a dainty double shoulder strap arrangement adorned with a girly butterfly frill for a great finishing touch. The Aubade fleurs de pommier line is truly elegant.

Aubade lingerie is a clever mix of superb quality, traditional expertise in corset design, and intense research into modern materials, colour, styles and shape and an intense and forward thinking analysis of fashion trends coupled with the Aubade passion for women and enhancing their seductive power.

The Aubade lingerie brand has several core values which are glamour, creativity, complicity and sensuality.

When a woman wears the Aubade brand she is wearing top flight lingerie and swimwear which is classic, refined lingerie and which enhances the female form to give pleasure to her and her partner.
Women who wear Aubade are at ease with their bodies, she is happy to flaunt her sensuality and she displays her internal femininity. The Aubade woman is provocative, romantic, gentle, saucy, discreet, wild and elegant. The Aubade woman knows how to use her seductive powers.

Aubade lingerie and swimwear is more than what it appears. It is one of the highest forms of art encapsulating the female form enhancing it and shouting its beauty to the world.

The Aubade workshops have astonishing expertise and display meticulous craftsmanship, giving a final product with a truly excellent standard of quality. The Aubade collections such as the Aubade Sunshine Coast Acacia Floral, the Aubade Contes D'Automne, the Aubade Emerald Green Asako, Aubade La Belle Tenebrouse and the Aubade Talisman collections require months of work, checking the future trends, and searching for appropriate and elegant materials such as Swiss embroidery, guipre, Calais lace, silk and satin. All of the prints and colours are carefully chosen followed by prototypes, fittings, perfection of the products, quality control and then implementation of the manufacturing procedures.

Aubade products take as much as two years to be launched, from the initial sketches to their availability to buy online. These months of research and work mean that each product is a unique piece of lingerie or swimwear which has been crafted by the Aubade expertise. At least fifteen materials go into the making of an Aubade bra. Starting with the most obvious to the smallest reinforcing tapes, each assembly operation needs the work of a skilled seamstress.

The immense expertise of Aubade in lingerie and swimwear is their greatest asset. Aubade lingerie is typified by soft and supple materials, delicate and elegant braid, seams that are invisible, positioned linings and technical cuts.

In order to offer the same quality of wellbeing and seduction to all types of figures, our lingerie comes in a number of different models and various sizes and cups (from 85A to 100F for bras).
Aubade was born in 1875 when Dr Bernard created a girdle and corset-making company in France. In 1958 Bernard et Cie were taken over and then the Pasquier family created the Aubade lingerie and swimwear brand. Then in 1963 colour appeared with coordinating items and prints with original motifs.
In 1972 Aubade gave us the first strapless bra and soon after the first halter neck bra. These breakthroughs were enhanced in 1974 by Aubade when they created the Agrafe Cœur bra with front fasteners.

Then in 1975 Aubade created the first super sexy suspender belt bikini. 1976 saw Aubade introduce broderie anglaise into their lingerie ranges. Then in 1979 Aubade made its piece de resistance model, the Tanga.

In 1992 came the Lessons in Seduction line followed by the stunning Bahia range in 1993. 1998 saw the first Aubade calendar and then in 2001 the String Minimum, which was the smallest g-string in the world, weighing only 5 grams – naughty but nice.

In 2001 Aubade had its first Diary followed in 2003by the swimwear collection, Aubade Océan which has proved immense.
Calida became the owner of the Aubade brand in 2005 and a few years later in 2008 the Petite Tricheuse line was launched.
Then 2009 saw Lesson in Seduction launched.

Aubade lingerie and swimwear - a true innovater and fashion icon.

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