A bit of bra bother

We at Mio Destino recognize how important it is to have a bra that fits you properly. Yes it should be pretty, and we’ve all had times where we’ve thought “what the hell, it looks nice and they’re isn’t a bigger cup in this style- it will do” but really that little bit of extra time getting a bra that fits you well will be worth it. Number 1, it is so much more comfortable and when you actually get a bra that fits you, you will realize just how comfortable wearing a bra can be. A good bra should almost feel as though you’re not even wearing one, minus feeling a little exposed! No digging of bra straps, no underwire coming loose- all the common bra bellyache. Number 2, it is actually proven to be healthier. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause fragile ligaments, that are irreparable, to stretch. Number 3, we recon that it will unleash a new found confidence in yourself and will boost your life (yes really!). Be a little bit more open minded when choosing a bra, don’t just stick to the same old style, try a brand new bra and that way you’ll feel encouraged to try different sizes to see which one works best for you and it will also add a little more spontaneity to your life- and adventure to your love life. A bra that fits well and is also sexy!? Who would have thought? And let’s not forget that everyone feels more confident when they are comfortable. A woman wearing a bra where she constantly has to adjust it doesn’t exactly ooze confidence and sex appeal. And our fourth and last point (we could so think of more but we won’t bore you) is that wearing a quality bra that fits you well will also last longer. Lasting longer equals less time and money spent looking at and buying bras, even if you have to pay that little bit extra in the first place- because who can be bothered with all the bra bother?

Here are our bra fitting tips to boost you and your bra’s life expectancy

1. The cups should always be full. Just like a glass of wine should also always be full....
Aubade Escale a Casablanca White Half Cup Bra

If the cups of your bra are baggy then you should go down a size (and no you don’t need to give your boobs space to breathe, or what ever excuse you have been telling yourself). On the other hand, if the cups of your bra are too tight, therefore resulting in an over spilling of boobage, quite like an over spilling of too much ice-cream in a sundae... (Yes we realize there is no such thing as “too much” of the latter, but you get our drift) then you should move up a cup size. It’s all pretty simple really.

2. The under-wire should lie flat against your skin. As flat as a pancake...an English one at that...
Mimi Holliday L'Amour Fuchsia Silk Padded Balcony Bra

Any gaping, sliding, or digging in of the under-wire means that it does not fit you properly. If there is gappage and sliddage then it is more than likely too big for you and you therefore need a smaller back size (or cup size depending on the fit of the cup). If it is digging into you however (we don’t want your under-wire getting any wild and painful ideas and stabbing into you) then you will need to go up a back size (the same goes for the cup depending on how that fits).

3. The bra band should be the support- not the bra straps. Quite like a support band and we’re not talking music terms here.
What Katie Did Pink Lace Sarah Bullet Bra

A lot of people rely too much on the straps of the bra supporting them. It should actually be the band of the bra under the bust that does most of the supporting. A good way of testing this is by letting the bra straps fall loose and seeing if the bra stays where is it and feels supportive. If it does then well done, we salute your bra for being so supportive. This will also prevent your bra straps digging into your poor shoulders.

4. The bra band must also be horizontal. Because bras have vertigo you see...
Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Rouge Triangle Bra

A good way of testing this is looking at yourself at a sideways angle in the mirror. Your bra shouldn’t veer up towards the back, which is very common. Normally adjusting your straps to make them longer does the trick. If it doesn’t then your bra is not the right one for you.

5. Your newly purchased bra will age over time. Just like all of us, it’s a sad fact of life...
Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Rouge Padded Balcony Bra

As the bra ages it will stretch (but on a positive note- we at least shrink) therefore when you first wear your newly-bra is should be fitted to be worn comfortably on the loosest hook. Then over time you can tighten your bra as it stretches. Life expectancy well and truly elongated.

6. Your bra band should be snug. No smugness necessary quite yet.
Aubade La Dame De Flanders Blueberry Lace Half Cup Bra

Make sure that your bra band is snug to your body but it also mustn’t be too tight. As a rule, it should have enough give for you to be able to fit two fingers beneath the band.
And there you have it! With your new well fitted bra you should be able to move around comfortably whilst still looking sexy. We now allow you to be smug.
Enjoy! Mio Destino x

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