You�re Busted!

A serious and groundbreaking study into the male condition, Boobitus.

This study has been commissioned by Mio Destino lingerie to commence what we believe will be a long and arduous course of research into a condition which has affected men, and indirectly women, for centuries.

Women suffered in silence for many years, but since emancipation and girl power, they have begun to speak out about a most distressing and worrying condition which is prevalent in the male of the species. Some time ago Mio Destino lingerie was called on by their female clients to try to assist in finding a cure.

Hence, the You're Busted! research trial was born.

The Problem

Research has shown us that when a man is walking, driving etc. with his partner and he passes another woman he becomes afflicted with what we have termed, Boobitus. It is easily recognizable. The main symptoms are a glazing over of the eyes, a blank trance like appearance to the face, a noticeable drop of the lower lip and in the most severe (possibly incurable) cases dribbling. Other associated symptoms are total deafness and a slow, thoughtless moving of the head as it locks on to the other womans breasts and automatically follows them as they move past. This automatonic state is particularly distressing for the males partner and other road users when the male happens to be driving.

Aggravating features.

In most cases once the other womans breasts are out of sight the male tends to gradually regain his normal conscious state which is often accompanied by a slight self satisfied smile. In some cases the partner of the male will attempt radical treatment by trying to get the male out of the automatonic state at an unnaturally early stage. This can be done by screaming at him, crying or in severe cases by assaulting him.
Please note when the male is in this trance like state it is extremely dangerous to try to use these tactics to awaken him. When the male has regained conciousness and is questioned about his conduct he, invariably, reverts to the normal male threat response he goes into a state of persistent denial. This is probably the saddest part of the whole condition and the one that will almost certainly mean that a cure will be many years away.
If the offending male cannot, or will not, accept that he has been caught staring at another womans breasts then there is little hope.

Mio Destino lingerie first tentative steps towards a solution.

We have to accept that this is a serious and difficult condition which is extremely troublesome to understand and which will be very difficult to treat. Initially we need to try to asses the level of male intellectual interaction which is involved in Boobitus.
In the initial phase of the trial we are asking 50 women to wear t-shirts and then we will ask men to guess what size breasts the woman in the picture has.

In the second, and potentially more dangerous, phase we will ask the men to look at the women in bras and we will ask them the same question.
This trial is obviously fraught with potential risk but we have to take that chance for the sake of womankind.

The Results

The results will be collected and assessed to try to determine whether there is any conscious thought pattern in the mind of the male whilst he is in the state of an automaton. If the men can correctly say the boob size (or come close) then they are clearly retaining some form of cognitive thought process during the Boobitus trance. This could mean that a cure could be found within years. However, if the males haven't got a clue what size the boobs are, or they don't understand the question, then this clearly means that the trance like state is much more severe than at first we thought and all intellectual capacity is clearly suspended during Boobitus. Sadly, if the findings prove this, then a cure may be decades away or even possibly unattainable.

Ladies, while we search for a cure please remember that your partner is a victim in this. He is suffering from a definable condition and he can't help himself. When he is next caught in this trance try to console him and to talk him through the problem. Until we find a total cure this is our only hope.

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