Winter Bikinis


Bikinis for the winter

Rain. More rain. Showers. Downpours. Heavy rain. And then, finally? more rain.

Safe to say, it?s been a wet summer here in the UK. Let?s face it: it?s been rubbish. In April I bought a gorgeous new bikini. I anticipated many long, lazy sunny days lying by lakes and lidos, going a vague shade of what I call brown, but others may refer to as pink.

Instead my stunning bikini has been lying morosely in a drawer whilst I?ve been adorning my un-tanned body with jeans, jackets, scarves and ? I shudder to admit it ? Wellington boots.

We despaired for a while, my bikini and I, but now I?ve taken matters into my own hands: I?m going to get myself some winter sun! Yes, I?m going to book a holiday to warmer climes.

Whilst researching my options, I?ve been pleased to discover that the winter holiday to the sun does not have to include travelling in a coach with a tour operator explaining where you can find ?proper British food?. Nor will I have to sit in a hotel bar watching Germans laughing at a man dressed as a woman miming to ABBA songs (this is an occurrence I remember from a childhood holiday to Tenerife).

Nowadays it?s easy to find a quiet hotel, not too far from a beach, where my bikini and I can relax and recover from the un-summer of 2007.

Though, of course, weather conditions being what they are, maybe the UK will have a lovely, sunny winter ? and I?ll be stuck in a monsoon on Barbados.

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