Why Buy Moontide Swimwear?

Moontide Swimsuits from Mio DestinoMoontide Swimwear from Mio Destino

Now that the new 2008 collection of Moontide Swimwear has arrived we are reminded why it is so popular in Europe. Moontide Swimsuits was one of the first brands from Down Under to make it big in the UK. The New Zealand based bathing suit company was established in 1980 and launched in the UK in 1988.

With almost 20 years of experience of selling bikinis and swimsuits to the British market, Moontide combines the Kiwi knowledge of all things swim, with an understanding of the UK consumer?s needs.

Moontide is continually expanding and improving its range. For instance, cup sizes now go up to an F.

There is a focus on bikini top structure and support ? but never at the expense of appearance. The style is feminine, elegant and alluring.

David Cosgrove, director of Moontide Swimwear (Europe) Ltd, puts it:

?We have a unique point of difference in our soft handle meryl swimsuit reversibles, which are the best fitting on the market.?

This is typical of Moontide?s honest approach; focusing on tangible, technical ways to make their products better.

So?why buy Moontide swimwear? Quite simply, because it both looks and feels great.

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