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What A Way To Go!

What A Way To Go!

Now funerals are meant to be somber occasions, full of austere speeches, and down-beat hymns. But if you live to 103 and have over 100 descendents, well you might as well let them have some fun, so why not have a stripper at the funeral? Well that is exactly what happened at the funeral of a Taiwanese man recently.

There is no doubt it must have raised the mood of the congregation, but it must have been pretty odd for the dancer, who had to ?do her thang? around a coffin containing a corpse.

The best part of the story is that the son had promised his father a stripper if he lived past 100, which is a nice bit of encouragement to give your ageing father, especially as he was apparently well known for his love of strip clubs. Surprising that! Still it would make funerals less depressing if we took to the idea of having strippers at them, but I think some of the gravitas of the situation would be lost. Just a hunch though!

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