Underwear’s underwear

The geeks down at Boingboing have really pushed the boundaries of lingerie design with their new USB breast warmers this year. This innovative product has computer geeks everywhere drooling on their keyboards at its novelty value whilst still making the less gadget orientated of us think that maybe, just maybe, it could be useful.

The warming pads do exactly what they say on the tin and stave off the shivers on those long hours of overtime in the office or at the home computer. Because of this they could open up amazing possibilities of summer attire in the colder months, making last winter’s woollen knit must haves a thing of the past.

They present a truly western solution for an age old problem and prove to be yet another threat to the manhood of the testosterone fuelled heterosexual male. However if you’re not convinced you could always treat yourself to some seductive lingerie from Mio Destino which will be guaranteed to raise temperatures.....

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