The Queen’s Knickers

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Now, we’re not suggesting that you try and imagine the different pairs of knickers the Queen has for special occasions.... But we couldn’t help being reminded by the funny charming children’s book "The Queen's Knicker's" when we came across an article about a primary school class who were thanked by the Queen for designing a special pair of knickers for her. How adorable? We at Mio Destino think that this pupil should be tracked down and given a job pronto. Designing a pair of knickers that are fit for the queen!-She’s a lingerie designer in the making. Anyway, the point that we’re really trying to make is that maybe we should think more about our occasions when it comes to buying our knickers. Here are a pick of some of our knickers at Mio Destino and what occasions we think they best suit. These knickers are fit for royalty!

The Briefs fit for a Bride-
Aubade Escale a Casablanca White Italian Brief
These briefs have romantic bridal styling that is elegant and stylish. For your wedding night perhaps?

The Party Panties
They’re black, glamorous, and they’ll keep your tummy tucked in underneath your cocktail dress. Perfect party attire, giving you hourglass curves.

The Everyday Ensemble

What Katie Did Maitresse White Satin Knickers


These are the perfect retro style knickers to be worn under your everyday clothes or whilst lounging about the house. They’re comfortable, practical, and very flattering on curves.

The Sophisticated Set

Aubade Fleurs de Pommier Saint-Tropez Brief


These sophisticated and sensual briefs use rich embroidery set against a background of semi sheer tulle. Perfect for a passionate occasion... you know what we’re getting at!

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