The Perfect Christmas Day

The Perfect Christmas Day with Campagne

Preparing a perfect Christmas Day for your partner is all about a little planning and some early mornings, but put in the effort and the rewards will be there for a long time to come, and it is the season of goodwill after all.

First on the morning of Christmas Eve go out and buy some nice breakfast materials ? croissants, local jams, nice teas and coffees, some top range orange juice and so on ? and store them away. Then on Christmas Day get up early, put the food on a tray along with some flowers and a card (women love cards, don?t know why, but they do ? so get one and write some nice inside).

Then surprise your partner in bed with a lovely Christmas breakfast and for the pièce de résistance a glass of champagne to really make her feel special. And include one nice gift with the breakfast so she is overwhelmed by how much she is getting and she?s not even out of bed.

Ensure you have made the house nice and warm - light a fire, whack the thermostat up an extra couple of degrees (come on, it?s Christmas!) so you won?t know it?s -5 outside. This will also mean the gorgeous lingerie you have bought her can be appreciated straight away?

Before lunch go for a romantic walk in a nice area ? the woods, the park, down to the sea etc, and in the old Dickensian style, offer cheery ?Merry Christmas?s? at all you pass, and toss your scarf manfully over your shoulder every 10 minutes or so. This will make her be proud to be with such a suave, thoughtful and good natured chap. Come back and do some more gift giving ? hopefully she?s done as well for you as you have for her?

From here the day is yours to enjoy: TV, board games, family, friends, however you choose ? but rest assured your loving, caring attention-to-detail, approach has ensured at least a week of being in the ?good books? and might even get you New Years? Eve off to go out with your mates. Maybe?

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