Take Off (that lingerie)

Air travel can be boring. All the movies and magazines can't hide the fact that sitting down in a confined space can be rather dull.

Well, an Ecuadorian airline (who else) has hit upon a solution for male passengers at least lingerie models strutting up and down the aisles. Ok, so I doubt the idea will take off (pun intended) with BA or Virgin Airlines, but surely it's got to make that flight go faster and imagine what a bit of turbulence could do.

This isn't the first time people have tried to spice-up airline travel, as the infamous Hooters Air proved, but that closed down sometimes ago we are unclear why? Whether the Ecuadorian love of lingerie is enough to help keep this airline company in business remains to be seen, but it's worth thinking about next time you're on a plane and the air stewardess walks by.

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