Swimwear: where underwear meets outerwear

Moontide Swimwear and Bikinis

With the anticipated sunny days of March in sight we gradually enter spring and mood and colours are getting brighter. Dark coats and winter boots are going to be packed away soon.
Too early to think of bikinis? Well I think it's the best moment to do so.

I believe women should think of swimwear as relaxed, stylish, comfortable and exclusive lingerie, who likes indifferent swimwear after all? Spend some time now to have a look at designers? swimwear of MioDestino and let your winter mood lighten up!

It?s true, summer makes us more aware of our body but whatever are your concerns a relaxed attitude about revealing your body is always important under the bright sunshine of a beach of Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos or Crete. So if we?ve seen enough dark tones and undefined lines in swimwear in the past in the Greek islands it seems things are getting better year after year.
Bikinis are always in fashion and can be very smartly combined with a camisole or a mini wrap as in these 2008 collections from Moontide or in a posh-Latino, elegant line from Aubade.

If a bikini is not quite to your liking a full-length swimming suit is a great alternative! Look for a boy short or a nice wide waist band are always flattering and feminine.

Don?t forget that a well matched swimming suit and wrap or camisole will make a big difference on the way you look chilling out with a summer drink on the beach.

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