Swapshop for men

Cadge-IT, the first swapping party for men took place in central London a few weeks ago.

Swapping parties have been immensely popular in London and other cities across the globe: but until now, they have only been venues for swapping female clothes. Not such a great thing for men, then (or rather, for most men!).

But now, sustainability communications company Futerra has launched the male equivalent; the first successful Cadge-IT swapping party achieving nationwide press coverage in The Independent recently.

Instead of womens clothing, men were invited to swap gadgets at the event. Various unwanted PDAs, Blackberrys, mobile phones, radios, MP3 players, video games, computer accessories, sports equipment, tools and outdoor items were on offer. At the call of Cadge it!, the men grabbed whatever it is they fancied from the range of items brought in by others. If there was a dispute, the matter was settled amicably over an arm wrestle or rock, paper, scissors. The organisers threw in some beer and a prize for guessing the mystery item. The event was hailed as a great night out by many of the attendants.

These swapping parties are seen as the environmentally-friendly way of reusing unwanted items. According to a YouGov poll in 2004, there is an average of 460 worth of unused and unwanted stuff in every household, with 40% housing electrical appliances in their lofts. Look out for more gadget-swapping parties for men in the future: they could be a cheap way to get a new MP3 player or cricket bat, fun, and environmentally responsible.

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