Speed Dating

Mio Destino is a great website. Sexy lingerie, interesting blogs with great ideas to keep your girlfriend sweet and lots of fun stories to help pass the time at work. But without a girlfriend it loses some of its usefulness. If you are one of the single set then perhaps speed dating is an option you should consider. It might not sound immediately cool, and perhaps even desperate, but it is far more enjoyable and eye-opening than you might imagine.

The format is well known, sit down with random girls for between 3 and 5 minutes, and if there is a mutual attraction then you tick the date option on the paper you are given and you are matched up. The real buzz of speed dating is the interesting and varied girls you get to chat to ones you probably wouldn't chat to in a club, but who are really interesting and you never know who you might click with...

To add an extra spice go with a fellow single mate and see who can get the most ticks from it - if nothing else its fun to compare opinions and it can't help but keep those flirting skills from going rusty. And when you've got that girlfriend on your arm you know which designer lingerie website to head back to for all your needs!

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