Something Fishy Going On


Of all the materials you wouldn?'t want to put against your body, fish skin has got to be pretty high on the list. But now Thai entrepreneurs have developed a way of processing skins of tropical fish to make them into durable leather.

And certainly the most eye-catching, and stomach turning, item they have developed is the fish-skin bikini. However perhaps it?s not so bad, the model who was wearing the item, Sudara Sae-lin said, ?It's comfortable. The bikini can really breath and I like that it's waterproof, it means it can dry more easily.?

Despite the obvious environmental benefits I really don?t think many girls or guys would find the sight or feel of a bikini made of old dead fish skin that sexy. While the effort must be applauded I think we?ll be forgiven for preferring our fish nicely cooked with a drizzle of lemon and a glass of white wine.

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