2008 The International Year of The Potatoes

Firstly, Happy New Year to All!

Well, rather incredibly 2008 is, as designated by the UN, the international year of the potato. Which is a sad fact for the people of Peru who had designated 2008 as their own ?national year of the potato? but sadly no one will be able to tell the difference as we shall all be going potato mad.

It is also ?international sanitation year? which worries me a lot. Have they not been taking sanitation seriously until now? And how are they going to make 2008 ?more? sanitised than 2007? Although actually, if you read that web link, it?s an important cause and does highlight some of the great work the UN does. Sorry to get all heavy, but didn?t want to be seen as laughing a good cause without acknowledging its role.

It?s also, yes another one, ?the international year of planet earth?. Yes I know what you?re thinking ? isn?t that basically what every year is anyway?

Not only that we have the Olympics, Euro 2008, (yes ok England aren?t there but look at the positives ? office sweep stakes, no penalty heartbreak, no more Steve McClaren gurning and no WAGs). And it?s a leap year! This means anyone born on Feburary 29th 2008 will only get to celebrate a birthday every four years. Cool eh?

So 2008 looks set to be a good year. Now, where did I put my potatoes?

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