Shopping Bag Bra

This bra carries more than your assets

JAPAN: Lingerie makers are trying to find ways of saving the environment. So they've invented this padded bra which unfolds to become a shopping bag with, erm, frilly bra detailing.

These Bra Rangers (named after their fellow morphers, the Power Rangers) come with matching knickers bearing the message No more plastic bags!

The bra-bag is made of recycled polyester fibre with straps that can be tied onto the bag as ribbons.

This all sounds great, but, erm, personally I don't really fancy removing my bra in the middle of a supermarket checkout queue in order to fill it with groceries Now, if you could just pile your shopping into the bra whilst wearing it, thus adding cleavage as well as cancelling the need for plastic bags that would be pretty cool.

The makers, Triumph International Japan Ltd, have also brought out an eco-bra which can be warmed in the microwave to cut indoor heating bills.

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