Sex in zero gravity

We humans are an adventurous bunch. A while back we covered the mile high club and the ?no-sex onboard? story from Airbus, but that just wasn?t exciting enough for some. The soon-to-be commercial space flights offered by Richard Branson?s Virgin Galactic have been receiving enquirers about the possibility of being allowed to be the first people to have weightless sex. Apparently it wouldn?t be that good (?) as the weightlessness would make the act rather difficult.

I don?t think zero gravity sex would be all that great anyway. Floating around, struggling to keep still, and other images you can conjure up yourselves that I?d rather not type.

Of course all these couples thinking they?d be the first are being very closed minded ? how do they think all these aliens that keep visiting Earth come to be? Delivered by alien storks?! I think not! I wonder if aliens have lingerie?

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