Second Chance Romance

Ever had a connection with someone who served you in a restaurant but was too shy to ask them for a number? Had a time where you couldn’t stop staring at the girl with red hair on the tube but then you both went on your separate ways with not as much as a hello? Well some romantic fellows have decided to set up a site which enables the people of the United Kingdom to have a second chance at romance. Some newspapers have had it as a regular feature for years in their back pages, but now this love tool is available to the whole nation with Chanced It

It is free to use and all you do is describe where you saw each other and what you look like, such as ‘Dutch girl, medium height with blonde ponytail. We chatted whilst boarding an Easyjet flight to Amsterdam’.

Even though I am a taken lady this website has filled me with hope that single people out there will maybe find their true love with its help, and always have an interesting answer to the question ‘ So how did you two meet?’.

If you do happen to find the love of your life, why not treat her to a gift from Mio Destino.

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