Ryan Air Lingerie Advert Banned: Good or Bad Decision?

Low cost airline Ryan Air recently released an advertisement in several news papers featuring a women in just her lingerie with the slogan, 'Red Hot Fares, and Crew'. The ASA banned them after 17 complaints and a 11,000 strong online petition, deeming the ads too 'suggestive'.

The woman who started the petition said; 'I'm a member of an airline Cabin Crew and what's more I love my job. My work colleagues, many of whom are male, work hard with me to ensure the safety of our passengers. Safety is our number one priority, not the brand of our underwear.'

Should the advert have been banned?

- NO, it's Just a bit of harmless fun, why all the fuss?

- YES! Did feminism never happen?! Lingerie is for private not public consumption.

Thoughts please ....

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