Queen Elizabeth II joins Vogue's glamour top 50

The Queen in Vogue?s Glamour Top 50

The Queen was voted on to Vogue's glamour top 50 along with Claudia Schiffer, Sophie Dahl, Naomi Campbell, former indie-star singer Pearl Lowe's daughter Daisy and Kate Moss.
Vogue, the style magazine, has given the Queen the seal of approval as one of the world's most glamorous women praising the Queen Elizabeth for the way she carries off the brogues and headscarf outfit at Balmoral.

Vogue Magazine wrote of the Queen: "She is as glamorous in her brogues and headscarf in Balmoral as she is wearing the crown jewels."
The Queen also had for company actresses Dame Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave, Pride and Prejudice star Rosamund Pike and Charlotte Rampling.

Vogue magazine completed its top 50 Definitive List of Today's Glamorous Women for the forthcoming December "Glamour" issue. Vogue said, "Glamour is about how you wear something, not about what you wear. You can't buy glamour, and you can't fake it. But unlike beauty, it's not something you are born with, though it comes more naturally to some than others."

There were many other famous names there also including White Teeth author Zadie Smith, architect Zaha Hadid, artist Sam Taylor-Wood, and Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon.

Vogue magazine also said even model of the moment Agyness Deyn said of the Queen, "she's cool".

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