Powerbocking, Bocking Pro-jumps, Velocity Stilts, PowerSkip or Jumping Stilts?

If you think you’ve seen futuristic and weird all rolled up into one – then think again! The new craze that has been perfected by Scouts in Essex, according to the BBC, is as strange as it gets. What would Baden-Powell ever think?…..I suspect he would be proud of them!
Powerbocking, a new word to enter the dusty Oxford English Dictionary, is the act of running and jumping, with spring-loaded stilts.
Is it a sport, a form of exercise, a new form of ballet or a new technology with incredible applications for the military and emergency services giving enhanced speed and the ability to jump objects just like a superhero?
The boots consist of a foot plate with a type of snowboard binding and a leaf spring made of fibreglass. Incredibly, users can jump between 3 and 5 ft, 1 and 1.5 meters, from the ground, take 9 foot strides and run up to 20 mph, 32 km/h.

Powerbocks were originally patented by a clever German inventor, Alexander Böck, in 2004 as Powerskips. They are popularly known, after Mr. Böck, as ‘PowerBocks’ with the other professional brand known as ‘Velocity Stilts’.
The Pro Jumps, Fly Jumpers and PoweriZers companies produce cheaper PowerBocks for the mass market. Two other important brands, Poweriser PowerBocks from Korea and 7 League Boots from Austria are the more expensive non-professional brands.

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