Pole dancing on the tube

I don’t know about you but on my way to work this morning I had to fight my ways past hordes of tired grumpy people, fight for a space on the tube, tiptoe around the feet of those sitting down, avoid eye contact with EVERYONE and listen to the terrible music emanating from some yoof stood nearby. At no point did an attractive girl start pole dancing. But if I had been in Romania this may well have happened. Sigh.

It’s an odd thing, but certainly a welcome thing, for men at least, seeing a woman in some gorgeous lingerie, on the way to and from work, and it probably raises more money than bad guitar playing or out and out begging, but apparently it’s going to be stopped because it constitutes ‘begging’ and ‘indecent exposure’. You can hear the commuters, “Nooooo……”

While Boris may have banned alcohol on the tube I’ve yet to hear anything about pole dancing being banned…certainly something to think about next time you find yourself on the tube, clinging on to a pole, grimly counting off the stations.

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