Paxman Calls M & S pants!

Jeremy Paxman calls M&S pants

Pants and socks ? a staple of the male wardrobe have found an unlikely champion in the leading political interrogator Jeremy Paxman. The tabloids had a field day with this news trying to get as many pant-puns in as possible. However, I felt The Times wins the day with ?angst in his pants?. Genius.

But is Paxman right? Well being the ambivalent owner of several M&S product in these departments I can?t say I?d noticed a problem but then again they are areas of clothing that are somewhat neglected. While woman have the luxury and choice of MioDestino most men settle for white or black boxers and grey or black socks and leave it at that. And there is nothing wrong with that. I don?t think many woman want their partners to be wearing better underwear than them. Men don?t care about their underwear because they?re more interested in women?s ? on (and hopefully shortly off) women of course.

Back to the subject of headlines and it?s lucky for Paxman that these newspapers employ people solely to write headlines and captions otherwise if the initials M&S were written incorrectly the BBC headline would have read ?Paxman to meet S&M over underwear?. Which is something else entirely.

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