Party political panties

Today Boris Johnson has confirmed that he will challenge Ken Livingstone in the upcoming London Mayor election.

The popularity of the dishevelled and eccentric Johnson eclipses that of his Conservative party. His appearances on the BBCs Have I Got News For You, his renowned editorial skills at The Spectator and his popular and witty column in The Daily Telegraph have earned him a cult following across the country.

The early release of the most famous ditsy American blonde, Paris Hilton, from jail this summer, following Mio Destinos Free Paris protest panties has, it seemed, alerted Tory party boss David Cameron. In putting forward the most famous ditsy British blonde, Boris, for this powerful and coveted position, Cameron is surely aware that thongs bearing the image of the MP for Henley are already available. Panties, it seems, are the 21st centurys most effective method of lobbying.
Will Gordon Brown be the first to invoke the power of the corset?...tres joli!

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