No smelly underwear at work please!


We all think our bosses stink, but now a boss in Serbia has said the same of his employees, particularly their underwear. The utterly bizarre memo sent to staff in the office said employees must be sure to take showers before the coming to work, brush their teeth, and have clean underwear.

I don?t know how I would feel having my boss ask to smell my underwear, surely that violates every ?workers rights? statute there is?!

For the women of the office they could just come on to Mio Destino and purchase some stunning lingerie, but for the men, who some people view as not looking after their personal hygiene ?as? stringently as women, it?s a bad state of affairs. Imagine having to sit in a job interview and be asked:

?So, why did you leave your last job??
?Er, well, you see, we had this boss, he was a bit, OCD, and well, my underwear was too dirty??

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