Never be Curious about you Cat again

Lingerie Cute Cats Talking

You?ve got to love the human race. Our ability to invent, create and examine is what has seen us rise to the very top of the chain. And on getting here we then invest in helping those poor creatures below us climb up too. The Cat Translator is an ingenious idea to ?translate? what your cat is saying through its meowing.

Apparently one of the phrases is ?I can?t stand it? ? I don?t really want to know why a cat would ?say? that but there we go?

It?s testament to our animal loving nature that we want to be able to hear the thoughts of animals translated ? even if they are negative. One of the great things about pets is that they don?t talk back but always agree with you? With this you?re losing that privilege. But then again your cat might be an absolute genius and suggest great ways to save money on your gas or offer up great lasagne recipes. Or maybe they?ll just ask for some milk.

Check back tomorrow to see the next in this two-part series looking at amazing animal inventions?

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