National Sleep in Day.... zzzzz

Here at Mio Destino we have all noticed that it's getting darker. When we wake up in the morning and when we get home in the evening it all seems to look a bit more glum. Unfortunately that means our lovely British summer is over!

Ok, so we didn't have much of a summer this year but we should be used to that by now. The summer being officially over isn't all too bad..... because this Sunday, 27th October, is National Sleep in Day!

We will all be sleeping in this Sunday because we get an extra hour sleep  due to the clocks going back an hour. This marks the official end of British summer time for 2013.

Two things you need to do:

1. Make sure you set all your clocks, watches and especially your alarm clocks back an hour at 2am this Sunday morning.

2. Sleep in on Sunday!

To mark this wonderful day, because we all love and need a good night sleep, we will be wearing our Mio Lounge PJs and we hope you will be too! If you haven't got any take a look at our collection.


We want to wish everyone a good night sleep and a lovely long lie in on Sunday!

Night Night!

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