Naming Names

George Clooney Naming Names

Several months ago I wrote a blog about the power of suggestion inherent in certain names, and was slightly mocked on another website ? who were clearly just jealous I get to write for a website that features such great lingerie.

But it turns out, I was right! Yes I am shocked too. A recent study has found that certain names are supposed to have certain connotations. So any Elizabeth?s or James? reading this should be able to confirm they are highly successful, while any Lucy?s or Jack?s can tell us about how lucky they are. Sadly for those named Helen or John they would have to tell us about all their bad luck stories. And Sophie?s and Ryan?s? Well the most attractive, apparently.

The least attractive names though, is what you really want to know isn?t it? Well for girls it?s Ann ? Ann Widdecombe, it works. Ann(e) Hathaway less so - (can the ?e? makes a difference?). For men it?s George ? George Costanza, fair enough, George Clooney? Well he always seems to do quite well in those ?100 sexiest men polls?.

Strangely ?Rex? doesn?t seem to have a connotation, although it is Latin for King?

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