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Music for the Movies Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Well here?s a result I can?t quite believe ? Purple Rain has been voted best soundtrack of all time in a recent survey. I would have said Pulp Fiction; the mix of classics, unknowns that became classics, music as plot (Chuck Berry during the dancing scene), - it has it all as well as a fantastic cover (see above).

The Beatles came second with A Hard Day?s Night and while it has some great song ? Can?t Buy Me Love for example ? it?s really just a Beatles album and a movie at the same time (if you see what I mean). A great soundtrack should have a mix of songs that match the sights on screen or even augment them; adding to the feelings the movie invokes itself, rather than ramming-them-down-your-throat like a bad Hollywood movie will do often do.

High Fidelity and Almost Famous didn?t make the top 10 either which is surprising ? the scene with Elton John?s Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous is ? go on youtube to get a taster for it and then watch the film.

But there must be hundreds of choices that could be worthy of a top 10 spot ? so let us know what you think are some of the best soundtracks.

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