Marks & Spencer has angered those customers, who are more, well-endowed by starting to charge extra for bigger-sized bras
The ?faithful? M&S is charging Britain?s women £2 extra on some of their lingerie brands if the cup sizes are DD-G.

It says the bras were more expensive because of 'their construction', and additional 'innovation and technology' needed to support larger breasts properly.
'Larger breasted women want to buy the same pretty bras that their friends who are a different size can buy, and to make this possible-the bra needs to be made in a slightly different way.'

The spokesman claimed customer research had shown women didn't mind paying up to £2 more for larger sized bras.

But members of a new group on Facebook, called Busts 4 Justice have stopped buying full-priced bras from the store in protest.
Other campaigners against the "tit-tax" say that the pricing is discriminating, and point out that the other items of clothing, such as T-shirts and trousers, are the same price regardless of size.

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