Make Breakfast Less Boring

Toast - Make Breakfast Less Boring

Breakfast can be so dull sometimes. A dry piece of toast, a stodgy bowl of cereal, a badly made cup of tea ? it?s no wonder we hate mornings so much. But on one of my many wanderings around the internet I came across some brilliant gadgets for making breakfast a lot more fun. While Mio Destino allows men to give their girlfriends great gifts sometimes us men like to buy ourselves things now and again too (honestly, it?s true, I swear!), and often these things take the form of needless but downright cool inventions.

So first I give you, the ?Gun Fryer? ? turns your eggs in to guns. While the idea might be tasteless you can be assured your eggs will somehow taste better in the shape of a gun!

And even better than that, and I really might get one of these, the ?Pirate Toaster?. Arrrr?what could be better, me hearties, than a piece of toast with a skull and cross bones on it!

And ladies look at this way ? with so much fun to be had in the kitchen, your man will leave you lounging in bed in your Mio Destino pyjamas, while he is cooking up a storm in the kitchen on his new gadgets to bring you breakfast in bed?

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