Look the Hottest in a Suzanne Ermann Creation!


What is the best day in a womans life? No, not the first day of the sales but her wedding day! Women want to feel sexy, elegant and unforgettable on their big day and - they want all eyes to be on them!

The fashionable creations by leading Parisian Bridal Couturier, Suzanne Ermann excel in providing women worldwide with these qualities. Ermann is renowned for her unique trademark trims such as using bamboo in seams, just one of the things that has celebrities queuing for her creations for their wedding day.

Although Ermanns outfits have become popular and featured in publications such as Brides magazine, she has an exciting new collection which is an extension from bridal to luxury evening wear.

The new collection is extremely exclusive and features creations such as the elegant beige/black stole, the dramatic chocolate poncho and the simply beautiful Stylized Cover all of which can be found at luxury lingerie website Mio Destino.

These luxurious creations can be worn in almost any way, however for a sexy look try wearing the beige/black stole over nothing but your lingerie to impress that guy you've had your eye on! Wear it over an elegant evening dress or even a wedding dress if you are tying the knot this summer. Check out Mio Destino for more hot looks.

Look truly sensational by wearing the poncho with a pencil skirt to glam up the office, and the stylized cover can be worn with killer heels and a sexy dress for hot summer evenings that nobody will forget you in!

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