Look Slimmer in a Miraclesuit

Miraclesuit Swimwear

It?s certainly an alluring tag for swimwear: ?Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds!?

The US concept, which launched in the UK in 2004, also claims that a Miraclesuit will make you feel 10 times younger and 10 times more confident.

I don?t know how they?ve worked these figures out? (We never got to work on equations like that back in maths class?I wish we had!) But the fact remains that the Miraclesuit is here to stay. With the imminent launch of its fourth season, those people who thought this ?miracle? was merely a fad have been proved wrong.

The suit is made from Miratex, a fabric containing three times as much Lycra as most fabrics, and boasting three times the hold of ordinary swimwear.

The Miraclesuit, with the help of Miratex, has the power to ?contour, shape, slim and firm?. Or so their company claims. And many women seem to agree with them, judging by the popularity of the swimwear.

Mike Eve, director of Patricia Eve, the company that represents Mircalesuit in the UK, thinks there?s a growing demand for quality products and a ?backlash against cheap goods.?

Does Miraclesuit work? Eve puts it, ?Its success shows that the Miraclesuit is a product that actually does the job it says it will, and is not just an idle boast.?

Soon you?ll be able to buy Miraclesuit items from MioDestino? We?ll keep you posted!

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