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Lingerie turns heads and causes collisions

Lingerie turns heads and causes collisions

We men folk have done some great stuff. Gone to the moon, composed great symphonies, painted wonderful pictures and written amazing music. But we are also a simple folk. The great comedian Jerry Seinfeld said the only reason men do anything is to impress women. And this simplicity has shown itself to be true yet again with the news mannequins at a lingerie store in Glasgow are causing accidents as men stare for too long in to the window.

Sure lingerie is provocative, that?s half its purpose, but for shop window displays to cause accidents underlines how simplistically men?s brains work half the time. The complicated and dangerous act of driving is rendered forgotten by the mere sight of underwear on a plastic model.

Please remember this of your man, for though he acts smart, and reads books, and sounds off about movies and TV shows, he does it to impress you. And for no other reason. When he is on his own, driving through a busy city, he won?t be musing on the human condition, or even paying attention to the road ahead. No, he will be look for mannequins wearing lingerie in shop windows.

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